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Diamond Earrings – Best and Romantic Gift for Your Valentine

June 12, 2013
Giving an engagement ring as a symbol of promise and love has been a tradition for many years, and with every time period, a new style of ring came along with it. You have decided to take the plunge and ask the love of your life to marry you. You have asked her father for permission and the only thing left to do is to get the engagement ring. This may be the most important step of all. There are so many styles to choose from and you must choose the engagement ring that represents how you feel.

Many brides are understandably concerned about the security of tension set engagement rings. They were brought up believing four or even six prongs are necessary to secure their magnificent stone in place, but their fears are unfounded. The nature of the metal allows for a more secure setting than prongs because more of the stone makes contact with the metal. The most popular metal for tension rings is titanium for its durability and strength, but jewelers also offer designs in platinum, white gold and yellow gold. Even stainless steel has been used for this modern ring where virtually anything goes for the 21st century woman.

The two most common laboratories that are responsible for diamond grading/testing are GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and EGL. However, some jewelry stores have a graduate gemologist that is certified to grade the loose diamonds that they sell. It is imperative that you know who certified your diamond to ensure there are no ulterior motives and less bias. While these gemologists may be honest people, their companies may not be.

And the most important thing which you must consider is the liking of your lady. Always remember that you must buy your ring according to the choice of your lady because it is your first gift of love and the value of this gift increases when you will slip the ring on your lady’s ring finger. You can know her taste by paying attention to the jewellery she wears daily. You can also take help from her friends or relatives. But make sure that they are ready to keep the secret.

Emeralds have always been one of the most loved stones and history stands witness to their presence as jewelry for royalty over the centuries. The beautiful Queen of Egypt Cleopatra is said to have had a love affair with emeralds and wore them abundantly. Some of the earliest emerald mines also date back to Egypt at a time when she ruled. Even in recent times this stunning gemstone adorned the ravishing Angeline Jolie at a red carpet event and remained in news for considerable time.


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