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What is a Diamond Certificate and what does in include?

November 14, 2012

What is a Diamond Certificate and what does in include?

A Diamond Certificate is a “system” of “fingerprint” of a diamond,
it offers all particulars about the diamond you are buying. No two
diamonds have the exact same traits. This certificate is an
unbiased evaluation by a 3rd celebration.

A Diamond Certificate consists of the subsequent info about the Diamond:

one) Certification Physique

two) Condition of Diamond

three) Day of Problem

four) Measurements of the Stone in mm

five) Carat Excess weight

six) Color Quality

seven) Purity В Grade

eight) Cut Quality

nine) Fluorescence

ten) Polish &amp Symmetry Grades

Diamond CertificateThere are a number of Certification Bodies, GIA, HRD, IGI, EGL, AGS, DGL,
and so on. All bodies have various grading requirements and costs can differ
based on who certifies.

Bear in thoughts that an appraisal is entirely various from a
certificate. If there is a financial worth on the report, this is an
appraisal and not a certificate. An appraisal is not unbiased
unless of course it is carried out by an unbiased valuation business.


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