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Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

October 22, 2012

Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Historically diamonds are used as the center stone for engagement rings in Ireland, but there are some ladies out there who much prefer non diamond engagement rings and choose other gemstones. After diamonds, the blue sapphire has been the most popular choice by women for the center stone of their non diamond engagement rings and the reason for this may be because the history behind the blue sapphire runs as deep as its warm blue color.

Angaras-Blue-Sapphire-Quality-Comparison-ChartIt is believed that the ten commandments were originally scribed in sapphire because the sapphire is one of the hardest gemstones. If a women prefers non diamond engagement rings, she may be drawn to the blue sapphire not only because of its color, but also for its Diamonds, of course, are the hardest gemstone, and this helps them in their lifelong wear, but sapphires are almost as hard which makes them an excellent choice for an engagement ring. Every gemstone has a symbolization that is attached to it and women have chosen blue sapphires for non diamond engagement rings since they symbolize faithfulness and sincerity.

The blue sapphire has a lot to offer in color in non diamond engagement rings, engagement ring settings, and wedding bands. Any person that browses online for new styles of non diamond engagement rings and traditional engagement rings will find that the blue sapphire is taking the centre stage in both categories of engagement rings. An awesome choice for any style of ring as a stand alone gemstone or as a combination with diamonds, the blue sapphire truly has a lot to offer.

Unlike diamonds, there is no standard grading system for colored gems and thus grading systems are to be used as a guide.  The most important characteristic when determining a sapphire’s price and rarity is its inherent color grade. The best color for a natural blue sapphire is a deep intense royal blue. These are considered AAAA quality and are the most valuable and rare. Second would be a medium rich blue color graded at AAA quality. Blue sapphires with a slightly gray tinge would be considered a AA quality and finally a very dark and opaque blue sapphire is considered an A quality grade and thus the cheapest.

Origin of Sapphires

blue-sapphire-engagement-rings-scallop-setDepending on where on earth the sapphire has been mined from, affects its value enormously.  Most sapphires come from Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon. Kashmir has been known to produce some of the most valuable and magnificent sapphires that are intense blue in color with a hint of violet.  Experts opine that the lavish color of Kashmir sapphire does not change hue under artificial light.  Australia is another significant source of sapphires that are particularly deep velvety blue and dark inky in appearance.  Sapphires from Burma (Myanmar) come close to Kashmir sapphires in color tones.  Some more recently discovered sources of sapphires are Madagascar, Brazil, Tanzania and Cambodia.

blue-sapphire-yellow-gold-engagement-ring-kate-middleton-styleVoltaire Diamonds specialise in the finest blue sapphires, we have a large collection of engagement rings incorporating blue sapphires.


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