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Safe Deposit Boxes Dublin – Merrion Private Vaults
Merrion Private Vaults is the first independently owned safe deposit box facility in Ireland and is 100% Irish owned and operated. They provide custodial services to private individuals and businesses, allowing them to safeguard their most valued possessions in a secure state-of-the-art purpose-built vault in Dublin City Centre.

They are situated in the heart of Dublin, only minutes walk from Grafton Street, Dáil Eireann and Trinity College. Our aim is to provide a unique and first class service to our clients, ensuring the safety and security of their most valued possessions, documents and jewellery.

Phone: 01 6856564


Five Ways to Make Your Marriage Proposal Stand Out
If you have thinking of popping the question to your beloved, then you are probably well into the planning of the perfect evening – the setting, the food and beverage, the wardrobe and the jewelry. Wait, did we say jewelry? We do not mean any jewelry you and she is going to wear as part of your outfit for the day. Momentary details like that will take care of themselves. What you plan for to have happen splendidly is the procurement of the ring and slipping it on her finger.

Beryl is the colorless mineral that makes up most of the composition of emeralds. It takes a small amount of chromium or vanadium to give an emerald its beautiful green color. You will notice that most emeralds are treated with oil that helps to seal it and increase its clarity and the intensity of its color. This is an acceptable and necessary practice, since the oil fills tiny natural cracks in an emerald and helps keep it from cracking. Do not ever soak an emerald ring, or place it in an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Soaking it will remove the oil, making the stone look dull or matte, and it will be easier to crack the stone. Just the vibrations alone in one of those machines may crack the stone anyway, so steer clear of those, even if you have an emerald and diamond engagement ring. The diamonds in that sort of ring will have to be cleaned some other way, like with a jewelry polishing cloth.

There is a vast variety of these rings that are available in the market or super stores. There are many different attractive colors available in different shapes and designs. For instance, white, pink, red, yellow rings etc. Your selection greatly depends on your personality. Mostly, there is a common belief that these diamond rings do affect your mood and your behavior within your society. Now a day, people mostly match their outfits with these rings especially on special occasions. For instance, if you are wearing a diamond ring of red color then red outfits suites you better because it also increases the shine and look of your ring as well.

Think of the budget for what you want
Once you have a budget set for how much you want to spend on a bracelet for yourself or for a gift, you can look at what you are able to buy for the allocated price. You may find that you have put aside more than what you need and can also purchase a set of earrings to match.

You should shop around and not settle for something right away. This is hopefully a one-time purchase so take your time and make sure you absolutely love it. You should not settle for anything when it comes to this. There are so many different rings out there for purchase that you eventually will find one that undeniably floors you (and hopefully your bride to be).

Diamond Earrings – Best and Romantic Gift for Your Valentine
Maybe one of the most difficult trials that comes in a man’s life is when he decides to propose to the woman he loves. Because when proposing you need a ring, and when you say ring it is no ordinary ring but a special ring. By saying special it doesn’t mean that it needs to be expensive, a ring that is simple yet elegant, beautiful, has quality, uniqueness and is not costly.

The first thing that one ought to consider is the available variety. The jewelry stores vary immensely. This means that what is found in one store is not always present in the next. To help get the best engagement ring, it is imperative that one chooses one with the widest selection. This will help in the comparison process to get the best that stands out from the rest. The best way to solve this problem is by comparing the different available stores and choosing the one with the widest collection.

This should go without saying. An engagement ring should last a lifetime, and you should buy a fine jewelry ring which will stay the course. You should look for a well made ring in a precious metal such as silver, gold or platinum if your budget stretches to it. The ring should be set with a natural mined diamond or other natural precious gemstone, such as a ruby, emerald or sapphire. Do not choose created gemstones. Your bride deserves the best. All the gemstones should be set into a pretty, well made setting.

The diamond and sapphire engagement rings are available in a wide range of prices. Most of these can be purchased at a significant cheap rate. This would be suitable to the kind of budget you are willing to make. Buying these rings provides you with the satisfaction you have got a special ring for you personally loved one.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has a diamond cut grading system so does the American Gem Society (AGS). They are both highly respected, yet they each have somewhat different systems of cut grading. Whatever strategy is used, diamond cut is graded by humans, and humans are certainly not always consistent. You therefore cannot depend upon a gem laboratory grading certificate being always accurate.

Diamond Earrings – Best and Romantic Gift for Your Valentine
Giving an engagement ring as a symbol of promise and love has been a tradition for many years, and with every time period, a new style of ring came along with it. You have decided to take the plunge and ask the love of your life to marry you. You have asked her father for permission and the only thing left to do is to get the engagement ring. This may be the most important step of all. There are so many styles to choose from and you must choose the engagement ring that represents how you feel.

Many brides are understandably concerned about the security of tension set engagement rings. They were brought up believing four or even six prongs are necessary to secure their magnificent stone in place, but their fears are unfounded. The nature of the metal allows for a more secure setting than prongs because more of the stone makes contact with the metal. The most popular metal for tension rings is titanium for its durability and strength, but jewelers also offer designs in platinum, white gold and yellow gold. Even stainless steel has been used for this modern ring where virtually anything goes for the 21st century woman.

The two most common laboratories that are responsible for diamond grading/testing are GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and EGL. However, some jewelry stores have a graduate gemologist that is certified to grade the loose diamonds that they sell. It is imperative that you know who certified your diamond to ensure there are no ulterior motives and less bias. While these gemologists may be honest people, their companies may not be.

And the most important thing which you must consider is the liking of your lady. Always remember that you must buy your ring according to the choice of your lady because it is your first gift of love and the value of this gift increases when you will slip the ring on your lady’s ring finger. You can know her taste by paying attention to the jewellery she wears daily. You can also take help from her friends or relatives. But make sure that they are ready to keep the secret.

Emeralds have always been one of the most loved stones and history stands witness to their presence as jewelry for royalty over the centuries. The beautiful Queen of Egypt Cleopatra is said to have had a love affair with emeralds and wore them abundantly. Some of the earliest emerald mines also date back to Egypt at a time when she ruled. Even in recent times this stunning gemstone adorned the ravishing Angeline Jolie at a red carpet event and remained in news for considerable time.

RTE Reality Bites – Bride to Be

Say “I do” to the wonderful Wedding Showcase at Fota Island Resort

Wedding Showcase on Fota Island!!!
Forget pre-wedding jitters the night before the ceremony, for most brides (and grooms) in-waiting the most stressful part of their upcoming nuptials is where on earth to start with organising the big celebration! Allow Fota Island Resort to inspire, entertain and excite you with the return of its highly anticipated Wedding Showcase.

An invaluable resource for those tying the knot, the next Fota Island showcase takes place on the Sunday 24th February and will present every possible service and suggestion for your big day.

The finest photographers, stationers, wedding planners, make-up artists, bakers, jewellers, department stores, travel agents and musicians will gather together and showcase their top services designed to create the perfect wedding day.

All of this will take place in the stunning surroundings of Fota Island Hotel which will be dressed for a glamorous and stylish wedding – the stuff of every bride’s fantasy.

The Smith Barry Suite, luxurious bedrooms, deluxe suites and lodges will all be available to view, allowing you to picture every aspect of your wedding day.


Top rated rated pursuits to combine in personnel setting up for personnel enthusiasm

Top rated rated pursuits to combine in personnel setting up for personnel enthusiasm

Even with the simple fact that gentlemen and girls are very likely to prosper increased when in groups, your personnel may possibly potentially phone for inducing into some much far more enthusiasm at moments. It is quite evident when you are not fully equipped in cooperation, have faith in, reliability and even in competitiveness. There are specified personnel setting up pursuits that make your personnel much far more proactive at work. So, it signifies that you will see much far more productive positive aspects coming at the workplace. Some of the most prevalent pursuits that are involved in these varieties of personnel setting up facets are enlisted beneath:

Rock Climbing: It is one particular distinct of the most prevalent and productive activity aimed at abating variables that scare you from pursuing your ambitions. You absolutely do not phone for at the moment currently being sporty or even incredible go well with to obtain the incentive of these varieties of pursuits. Rock climbing is one particular distinct these varieties of activity activity that can be executed similarly indoors and outdoors. Even so, it is greatest to have the pursuits in the open up up area the area participants can get joy from cleanse breath of air making the celebration much far more exciting. For a lot of gentlemen and girls, the aspect of obtaining terrified or dread is the most properly acknowledged that prevents participants from suffering from the pursuits that they most quite very likely would like to do.

If you are not proficient a good amount of then it may possibly potentially be demanding for you to confront the targets much far more aggressively. So, an distinct can deal with fears that they have of their specific and deal with ailments that are quite commonplace for definitely absolutely everyone. The critical aspect of obtaining frightened is the dread of heights. This is an activity that can support you to get have faith in on the other members of the personnel with the approach of scaling the significant partitions with just a rope and the direction of a associate for support.

Paint ball challenge: Even with the simple fact that the match can seem to be to be to be meant for gamers who are into much far more activity, youРІР‚в„ўll definitely be stunned at how the match can make the personnel cohesive. You can generally divide teams in accordance to their business office for some competitiveness. Make self-assured that you gown them up with suited safeguarding gears as appropriately as paintball guns for that one particular distinct messy outdoor interesting. Teams will phone for contemplating on the assorted methods by which they will be completely ready to outwit one particular distinct one particular far more from the match. Communication is also crucial as it can make specified that personnel members get to interact with every single single other. It is an attribute which is almost certainly the most critical one particular distinct of all. Suited communication can make specified that personnel get to have faith in every single single other as appropriately identify what other folks want to express.

Nature hunt: Nature seeking is a aggressive personnel setting up match that can definitely be played by groups of 10 members. Make self-assured you give every single single staff with a report of 10 variables that they phone for obtaining in a confined time human body. The personnel that is the quite very first to be completely ready to detect all the objects and give them back is the winner of challenge. The overall challenge is to make the personnel win by making you move by way of demanding ailments.

Generally just just take a break and prepare for these varieties of pursuits that enable you to indulge into many match titles like these. Have interesting shelling out time by inducing into these varieties of pursuits outside the house the property the organization business office and even commit time with these personnel setting up provisions.